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Existentialism on Prom Night -- Straylight Run
Konstantine -- Something Corporate
Let It Be -- The Beatles
Seventy Times 7 -- Brand New
Going for the Gold -- Bright Eyes
There Is -- Boxcar Racer
Why -- Avril Lavigne
I'm Dying Tomorrow -- Alkaline Trio
A Goodnight's Sleep -- The Starting Line
Two Points for Honesty -- Guster
Precious Things -- Tori Amos
Silent All These Years -- Tori Amos
Tear In Your Hand -- Tori Amos
Swiss Army Romance -- Dashboard Confessional
Hands Down -- Dashboard Confessional
Am I missing? -- Dashboard Confessional
Jude Law and a Semester Abraod -- Brand New
Iris -- Goo Goo Dolls
Why Not -- Hilary Duff
What Dreams Are Made Of -- Hilary Duff
Down -- Something Corporate
Miss America -- Something Corporate
What You Own -- RENT
Break Me -- Jewel
Never Is A Promise -- Fiona Apple
Fall -- Something Corporate
Hurricane -- Something Corporate
To Me, This is Heaven -- Jimmy Eat World
No Sensitivity -- Jimmy Eat World
Animal Song -- Savage Garden
Affirmation -- Savage Garden
Dream Fast, Dream Now -- Renata
Paper Faith -- Famous Blue Raincoat
Temporary Worry -- Famous Blue Raincoat
Far From Here -- Famous Blue Raincoat
I'm Real (cover) -- The Starting Line
Like A Prayer -- Madonna
Another Day -- RENT
Rest In Pieces -- Saliva